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Melissa Gohing

4-time UAAP Champion, DLSU Lady Spikers

UAAP Rookie of the Year, Season 71

The first libero, a non-scoring position, to be the Player of the Game "POG" in the UAAP

Play every game like it’s your last or Live life everyday like it’s your last
— Br. Ceci (La Salle)

Melissa Says…

My recovery routine

Getting hot compress, myofascial release, cryotherapy, and applying ºA-Game Aftersport Rubdown.

Post-game meal

Carbs & Protein plus Protein Shake for faster muscle recovery. 

Favorite athletes

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. 

Pre-game ritual

I eat lots of chocolates (Twix!). 

What's in my gym bag?

I always bring a huge bag with me. Phone, wallet, powerbank, charger, make-up, alcohol, contacts solution, baby cologne, Wet Wipes, hair wax, comb, & pepper spray.

I get my motivation from?

God. He's the one who gave me this talent to be able to glorify Him.

If I wasn't playing volleyball, I would most likely be…?

Ballet, Theater Arts, Singing, Dancing or Travelling.

People don't know this, but I

I'm scared of the dark. I only went once in the horror house ever in my whole life and I went out right away through the fire exit door. 

The first thing I do in the morning

Cuddle with my dogs.

My shower song is

a classical music, The Sound of Music - "The hills are alive…"

My nickname

Mel or Liss and in volleyball, the Ninja. 

In 10 years, I see myself

Coaching or owning a basketball & volleyball court with complete gym facility and rehab center. 

I want my legacy to be

Known as a player who inspires athletes that the sports you play is not just a game. It's a way of life. Being an athlete, we learn how to endure, discipline ourselves and make new friends or family which we can apply in real life. 

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