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Don Velasco

Certified Ironman coach

Triathlete and bike fitter

Smart Work beats Hard Work.
— Don Velasco

Don Says…

My recovery routine

My recovery routine consists of stretching, a light massage, and a recovery shake…

Favorite athletes

Javier Gomez. 

Pre-game ritual

It starts with a dynamic warm up and visualization (positive reinforcement)! 

I get my motivation from?

watching triathlon/cycling/swimming/running documentaries or races.

If I wasn't racing triathlons, I would most likely be…?

I would most likely be racing cars.

People don't know this, but I

eat practically anything I want (in moderation) :) 

I unwind by

I unwind by going on a movie date. 

I'm happiest when

I know everything goes according to plan. 

The first thing I do in the morning

Message my girlfriend.

My shower song is

"Quit Playing Games with my Heart"

My nickname

Flying Don V 

In 10 years, I see myself

"As one of the top triathlon coaches in the country" 

I want my legacy to be

Someone who helps people train smarter with limited time and abilities. 

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