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Dale Evangelista

Champion Coach (Men's and Women's Water Polo)

National Athlete

SEA Games Medalist (Water Polo)

Pain is temporary, championship is forever.
— Dale Evangelista

Dale Says…

My recovery routine

I use °A-Game after training then go to rehab for proper treatment.

Post-game meal

Bread and banana plus butter. 

Favorite athletes

Michael Jordan! 

Pre-game ritual

I eat oatmeal and bread plus banana, I also do a lot of stretching and most importantly, I pray. 

What's in my gym bag?

My suit, shoes, a bottle of °A-Game, and towels.

I get my motivation from?

I get it from my family, also from the people cheering for us, the Filipinos. Especially when you’re abroad and OFWs are watching. You don’t wanna lose.

If I wasn't coaching or competing, I would most likely be…?

I would most likely be doing photography since it is my hobby. But it’s a personal hobby.  Or I wanna retire. I wanna be in an island, and do some fishing.

People don't know this, but I

I am the pinakamakulit. If you see me, you’ll get intimidated but 'pag magkakasama na tayo makulit ako! 

I unwind by

I unwind by relaxing by the beach. 

I'm happiest when

When I'm in the water. 

The first thing I do in the morning

I apply mouthwash.

My cheat day meal of choice


Favorite TV show

I don’t really watch tv. For movies, The Fast and the Furious franchise.

My nickname

My closest friends call me Sok. 

In 10 years, I see myself

Happily retired. 

I want my legacy to be

I want to be remembered as an athlete, a person who helped others, and there are no negative memories of me. To the point that if it's someone’s last time to see me, he/she will say that I love this person because of what he’s done for the country.

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