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Courtney Melissa Gray

National multi-medallist

Philippine Marathon Swimmer

Gleague record holder for the 200m backstroke

Palarong Pambansa medalist

Pool Princess

The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.
— Courtney Melissa Gray

Courtney Says…

My recovery routine

My recovery routine is having a cool down swim immediately after a race or a main set to help flush lactate out of the muscles. When I’m out of the pool, I do static stretching and apply ºA-­Game Aftersport Rubdown. I also make sure to eat within 30-minutes after a workout to replenish lost glycogen.

Favorite athletes

My favourite athlete is Michael Phelps because he’s able to do everything he puts his mind to in swimming.

Pre-game ritual

I get enough sleep and cut out junk food at least a week before a competition. I visualize my events, make sure I have a good warm up, and hydrate. 

What's in my gym bag?

Water bottle, swimsuit, cap and goggles, sunscreen, towel, change of clothes, and ºA­-Game.

If I wasn't doing swimming, I would most likely be…?

I would most likely be doing lots of other sports and I would also be taking cooking classes.

People don't know this, but I

I can reach my nose with my tongue and I love riding roller coasters!

I'm happiest when

I reap the fruits of my hard work. 

My cheat day meal of choice

Pepperoni pizza!

My nickname

My close friends call me Courtney or Court and sometimes people would refer to me as the Pool Princess ­ a name coined by Swim Philippines magazine.

I want my legacy to be

Someone who serves as an example of an athlete who came from the province with little support and came a long way – despite numerous setbacks – because of hard work and perseverance. I also want to be known by my character and not be defined by my sport.


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