Bring Your °A-Game Podcast: Episode 7

Triathlon Pioneer Jojo Macalintal and Alex Cenzon of Team Trimac

Team Trimac started because of Coach Jomac’s vision to teach as many people as possible about triathlon. His undying love for the sport exudes not only from him but his students as well, a testament to the kind of coaching and teaching they get from Coach Jomac. We’re also joined by Team Trimac’s Alex Cenzon who talks about how he met Coach Jomac and started his own journey into triathlon.

This is the first time we had two guests together on the show so do let us know what you guys think! Some of the things we discussed:

  • running the whole Philippine archipelago
  • getting better and stronger with age
  • proper breathing technique in running
  • repetition as the key
  • pedaling techniques to maximize performance
  • getting confidence from preparation
  • nutrition tips for triathletes
  • bike advice for beginners
  • grassroots program
  • and more!

Connect with Team Trimac!

If you’re interested in getting into triathlon, Team Trimac has an upcoming Trimac Training Camp on April 7-8, 2018 in Subic. Registration fee is PHP4,200. Inclusive of hotel accommodation, food, and assessment by Coach Jomac himself.

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