Ali Peek

3 overall pick 1998 PBA draft

4-time PBA All-Star

6-time PBA Champion

PBA Best Player of the Conference 2003

Flow like Water.
— Bruce Lee

Ali Says…

My recovery routine

Stretching, icing the joints, and sleep…

Favorite athletes

In basketball it was Michael Jordan, Karl Malone , and Dennis Rodman because each one of them focused on being in the very best possible shape! 

Pre-game ritual

To relax as much as possible almost to the point that I was disassociated with everything around me. I tried not to let my emotions get in the way of just simply playing the game! 

What's in my gym bag?

While I was playing professionally it was always the basketball shoes, extra socks, underwear, and protein shakes. Now it's ºA-Game, protein shakes, vitamins, and extra clothes for business meetings.

I never leave the house without…?

My ºA-Game :) …I never leave the house nowadays without my toiletries, smart/casual attire, and clothes just incase I can squeeze a workout in, and my meal prep for the entire day.

People don't know this, but I

I can be borderline obsessive compulsive! 

My cheat day meal of choice

Pizza or Burger and fries.

I want my legacy to be

A person who went from being identified as a basketball player to someone who redefined himself into a person who helped people in many different ways hoping to have a positive influence by changing peoples' lives! 

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